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IA261-I / IA262-I:
RISC-based fanless computers with 2 or 4 optically isolated serial ports, dual LANs, VGA, CAN, DIO, CompactFlash, USB

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  The IA261-I/262-I embedded computers come with 2 (IA262-I) or 4 (IA261) RS-232/422/485 serial ports, dual CANbus ports (IA262-I only), dual Ethernet ports, 8 digital input channels, 8 digital output channels, VGA output, 2 USB hosts, and a CompactFlash socket. The computers are housed in a compact, IP40 protected, industrialstrength aluminum case.

The IA261-I/262-I computers use the Cirrus Logic EP9315 ARM9, 32-bit, 200 MHz RISC CPU. This powerful computing engine supports several useful communication functions, but will not generate too much heat. The built-in 32 MB NOR Flash ROM and 128 MB SDRAM provide enough memory to run your application software directly on the IA261-I/262-I.

With its built-in VGA output interface, the IA261-I/262-I are suitable for use with SCADA systems in industrial applications, such as manufacturing automation, production line process monitoring, and mining automation, that require VGA and HMI features.

The IA261-I/262-I computers support RS-232/422/485, CANbus, digital I/O, come with 2 KV isolation protection, and have dual LAN ports, making them ideal as communication platforms for industrial applications that require network redundancy. In addition to the standard models, wide temperature (-40 to 75°C) models are available for use in harsh industrial automation environments.

The IA260 embedded computers come pre-installed with either the open standard Linux OS, or the more common WinCE OS. Software written for a desktop PC can be easily ported to the IA260 platform by using a common compiler, without needing to modify the code, and the software you develop for your own applications can be stored in the IA260’s flash memory.

  • Cirrus Logic EP9315 ARM9 CPU, 200 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM on-board, 32 MB flash disk
  • VGA interface for field site monitoring
  • 2 KV digitally isolated RS-232/422/485 serial ports
  • Dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet for network redundancy
  • Dual 2 KV digitally isolated CAN ports with CANopen protocol support
  • 8+8 DI/DO with 3 KV optical isolation protection
  • 12 to 48 VDC redundant power input design
  • Supports CompactFlash and USB 2.0 hosts
  • Ready-to-run Linux or WinCE 6.0 platform
  • -40...+75°C wide temperature models available
  • 5 Years Warranty
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